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Friends Onlyz [08 Nov 2012|09:46pm]
Just because i feel like it, i am now going Friends Only

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I don't actually care who adds me, but i wanted a snazzy banner and er, thats all actually!
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[25 Jan 2006|04:37pm]
Oh guys, i'm completely crazy. I'm planning on going up to San Francisco- the Haight to be exact- to buy grossly overpriced Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tickets from a scalper named Frankie. Who called me a goofball because i left a strange message while i was trying to figure out his message machine. I think i've possibly cracked, but i'm going on Sunday, and dragging Camden along so hopefully i won't die? But if i do, well, it was nice knowing you.

In other news, ART BRUT TOTP!!!!!! And stay off the crack.

It was Noa's birthday today! I made her a cake! It was a pretty good cake too! So now she's 17 too. It's like we're all growing up or something.

Ok, so after watching 15 million hours of Queer as Folk, Cami and I were wondering if all guys think about sex all the time. So i asked Evan, and i'm sure it sounds like a weird question but i genuinely wanted to know. So he said that guys don't think about sex as much as they do in the show, because they're not surrounded with sex as much as on the show. And then we had more of a discussion about it, but i thought it was interesting. Because, well, i don't really know but it was an interesting conversation.
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